Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Dystopian Trilogy: A Film by James Schneider

James Schneider made 'The Dystopian Trilogy' in 1993, mainly through the use of found footage. Its three parts, 'Faerie-Monition,' 'Oasis,' and 'Median Strip,' convey modern Americans' infatuation with closing off entire communities from the rest of the world for some theoretical benefit. The first part deals with the corporatization and homogenization of imagination through eerie footage of Euro-Disney. The second part focuses on a gated community near Las Vegas. The third contrasts and connects the freedom of the modern highway to the growth of our prison system and the fast-growing outrage of private prisons run for profit. This last part, when seen in light of today's use of immigration law to fill corporate-owned prisons with people who are turned into a slave workforce, is particularly frightening.

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