Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Film: Lunch With Bardot

My latest little film. It's actually a cinegram. The subject is trains. Time. Memory. The present doesn't exist. You can't find it with measurement. You can't even define it. The future is not there yet. You cannot see it. The only thing that really exists is the past. I say that because we can all see the past - some more clearly than others. But we can most certainly see it.

Here's the poem from inside the movie:

Lunch With Bardot

Trains run on time
With passengers asleep
Temporarily forgotten
Between observation points
Colliding lines
Of fictional transport


jmac said...

Alessandro, this is a lovely cinema-poem! The superimposition of the imagery is so subtle and delicate. You may have to give me a few FCP tips! :)

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Camouflage Lenses said...


I don't think I saw your comment until today! Thank you. I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro for editing. But I'll certain give you any tips you ask for. They all work pretty much the same way with video transitions and fades.