Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Cinegram: Venture Forth Wicked Beauty

My new cinegram is about a woman and a rose, ashes, projections, a bottle, a walk through the night. I won't be much clearer than that. A cinegram should not announce its intentions. It should bury them and allow them to drift up through the ground.

It took more time to make this one because it uses a more layered soundtrack than my other pieces. Also, the rose and flame scenes were very difficult to film because I wanted the light of the projections to flicker across the scene properly. Moving the camera in such close up conditions made everything an effort.

I am really enjoying YouTube's new high quality video settings. They've gone to widescreen format with normal and high-quality settings. Though their high-quality video isn't as high-definition as other sites like Vimeo, the motion is much smoother than either Vimeo or BlipTV. I find the inability of those sites to encode hi-def video without frame stutter to be inexcusable. YouTube has figured out the problem and maintains the smooth motion as it was originally shot. The image quality is good enough. So YouTube wins. Smooth motion is much more important than sharpness of image.

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