Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Video for Barack Obama

My new cinegram is for Barack Obama. I am disgusted by the McCain/Palin campaign of race-baiting stupidity. Obama stands for unity, intelligent politics, and compassion for people who don't earn millions of dollars. He is an extraordinary candidate who has already achieved something historic. I sincerely hope that this country experiences an election blowout that leaves a whole hell of a lot of dumb Bush/McCain/Palin supporters in the woods without a map, right where they belong.

The big message here is that everyone who want to get this guy into the White House needs to get up on November 4th and go do it. Do it. Don't stop for anyone. Don't listen to someone who says there might be a little problem with casting your vote. Just go do the thing. Vote. Vote. Vote.

Here's my first political advertisement.

Here's a group called Video the Vote that signs people up all over the country as video volunteers to go out and film problems at polling stations. There are lots of places in this country where Republican operatives try to scare poor voters away from the polls. There are tricks they play with mailing addresses to try to challenge voters' right to vote. Video the Vote wants to compile a video library of trouble spots at voting locations all over the nation. Check it out and if you have a camera maybe you'll want to lend a hand.