Friday, November 14, 2008

Argine: An Animation With Creativity On Its Mind

Julia Simeon has made a film called 'Argine.' It is a series of still images rendered in a 3D program and edited together. It's simple and beautiful. But what is it about? Watch first.

It is a film about the origins of creativity. It shows how originality is not the prime mover behind creative endeavor. Imitation is. The innocent drive to imitate that which inspires and excites is the primary force behind all art. That does not mean that one never does anything original. But the impulse to 'do something just like that!' should always be there throughout the creative life. To this day, I open a book or magazine, see a picture and think, 'Oh man! I want to take pictures just like those. Then I will change them to make something new!' I firmly believe in what this little film has to say. It is dead on the mark. Its creator has seen, admired, copied and created something of her own. That is the entire scope of all learning and education. It is honorable theft. The code of thieves and artists. Steal and learn.

I found this on No fat clips!!!

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