Monday, May 26, 2008

Poem: k*nt

Missing u in a perfectly
Good kunt
What’s happened when u
Can’t get a kunt in edgewise?
What kind of hole are we in
That we can’t say kunt?

Cardboard ridges
Make my red marker bump
Words come out
Summon the leadership
The call of the cult
Will of the crowd
Can’t hold it closer
For photos
To post
Like you meant it
Flat on my chest
Like a badge
Or a stiff
Your jostling baton
Ask me again
To put this away

The artists
Are bedding with troops
Through camouflage lenses
Taking fire from roofs
That bullet’s a bunkerbuster
Coming in fast
Bend way over backward
So the orders cum down
Boots hit the ground
There’s safety in numbers
Bombs in the road
Kick a door down
Shoot up a house
And go with it live

Security apparatus inuratus upuratus
Pushing probes
Swivel heads
Fingertip scanners
Retinal mapping and
A busted up head
Show your receipt jerk
Or you cannot leave
We are authorities
And we work for the safety
And convenience
Of all

And by the way
When did the howling stop?

Since I don’t owe rent
And school’s out today
I can stand in a crowd
Like a forum today
Mildly retarding
Your reclining submission

Like a cock-jerking
Butt-thumbing priest
Asking you at least
To think about God
As you go on your way

The Queen’s a ceremonial kunt
Jagger her leashed bitch
Dylan’s a carnival show
As rebellious as a busboy
Because you can’t
You can’t
You can’t
You can’t
You can’t say kunt

cimail (May 24, 2008)

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